Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Extreme Victory Again/ I love the new psychics

This past weekend I attended the extreme victory pre-release event. I am far more excited about this new pack now that I have seen some of the new cards in action. For example the new psychic support released in this pack makes them potentially tournament competitive as they have a possible combo to summon naturia beast, naturia barkion, and naturia landoise in a single turn while maintaining hand advantage. These cards provide this forgotten deck with amazing possibilities. When I perfect this combo that I created I will post how to perform it in a new post.  Aside from psychics there is excitement abound about meklords and TG's. these decks have support which could make them very competitive. Also karakuri recieves support in the form of new monsters and a dark bribe counterpart.

Over all this pack will prove to be an exciting one which could change the decks we see in regional competition (except for Six-Samurai which only gained more support).

Tell me what you think...

Justin, Leader of Terrible Deal Clan

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